WATCH: FATHER LUNGES AT CHILD MOLESTER IN COURT FOR ABUSING DAUGHTERS ‘I would ask you to as part of the sentencing to grant me 5 minutes in a locked room with this demon!’

The father of three daughters sexually abused by a former sports doctor lunged toward the perpetrator Friday during an appearance in court.

Larry Nassar, a former Michigan State University and USA Gymnastics national team doctor who abused more than 150 girls and women during his career, was rushed by Randall Margraves during sentencing in Michigan.

Margraves, who had just finished listening to two of his daughters address the court, began asking the judge for “5 minutes in a locked room” with Nassar moments before the incident began.

“I would ask you to as part of the sentencing to grant me 5 minutes in a locked room with this demon!” Margraves asked the judge.

After being denied his request, Margraves continued by asking instead for “1 minute” alone with the disgraced physician.

The distraught father then ran towards the former doctor before being blocked by Nassar’s attorney and tackled by numerous deputies.

While being restrained on the ground, Margraves was heard repeatedly pleading with the court.

“Give me one minute with that bastard!” the father said while being handcuffed.

The hearing, Nassar’s second sentencing, comes less than two weeks after the ex-doctor was given up to 175 year in prison.

“I just signed your death warrant,” Ingham County Judge Rosemarie Aquilina told Nassar at the time.

In a letter to the court, Nassar defended his sexual assaults by claiming that his “treatments worked.”

“Those patients that are now speaking out were the same ones that praised and came back over and over and referred family and friends to see me,” Nassar wrote in the letter.

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