PHOTOS: TODAY SHOW STAFF MOURN ACCUSED SEXUAL PREDATOR MATT LAUER Female co-workers sad accused sexual deviant leaving workplace

Photos taken outside NBC Studios in New York City show multiple Today show employees mourning the departure of host Matt Lauer, who was fired Wednesday amid allegations he sexually harassed numerous women while at the workplace.

On Wednesday, accusations of sexual misconduct from various women surfaced against the longtime Today show host, with one coworker accusing him of gifting her a sex toy, while another claimed he showed her his penis in his office expecting a sexual favor.

Forlorn employees on the set of Today were visibly distraught over the loss of the NBC veteran, who was also accused of assaulting a female staffer during coverage of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

Lauer is the latest high-level entertainer to be swept up in a raft of sex allegations taking down numerous media figures in positions of power.

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