PAUL RYAN: DEMS CHOOSE FILIBUSTER THEN ‘BLAME EVERYBODY ELSE’ Tactic is stalling negotiations and progress especially with DACA, says House Speaker

House Speaker Paul Ryan on Sunday blasted Democrats in the upper chamber for filibustering votes on key issues — and then blaming “the dysfunction on everybody else.”

In an interview on CBS News’ “Face The Nation,” the Wisconsin Republican said Democrats are blocking votes even on issues they support.

.@SpeakerRyan on negotiations with Dems: “What’s so baffling is we were negotiating on good faith … They blew up negotiations that were already underway.”

“[T]he senate Democrats have chosen [to] filibuster CHIP, filibuster appropriations, filibuster getting these things done then blame the dysfunction on everybody else,” he said, referring to the Children’s Health Insurance Program.


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