FARAGE: BREXIT MAY NEED TO BE REFOUGHT ALL OVER AGAIN Political leaders putting their own aspirations ahead of the people’s

Nigel Farage spoke in the European Parliament this morning, warning that it looked as if with a transition period the UK could end up being signed up to the Single Market and Customs Union forever, and that he feared “Brexit at some point in the future may need to be re-fought all over again.”

He pointed out the happiness in the European Parliament chamber after Theresa May was forced into the “ritual humiliation” of being forced to go to Brussels in the middle of the night to where she “danced to your tune” according to Farage.

As Nigel pointed out, frustration amongst Brexiteers is beginning to turn into anger. Plenty of talk, but very little action when it comes to ending uncontrolled EU mass migration.

The aspirations of our political leaders are out of step with the people they are meant to serve. I fear Brexit may need to be refought all over again.

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