IT’S ALL OVER: HOW HACKERS & WHISTLEBLOWERS KILLED THE CLINTON CAMPAIGN Scandal of leaked emails unfolded publicly online and shadowed Clinton throughout White House run

          Now that Donald Trump has beaten Hillary Clinton to become the president-elect of the United States, speculation has begun about what went so wrong in … Continue Reading →

TRUMP’S VICTORY ENSURES A CONSERVATIVE MAJORITY ON THE SUPREME COURT Liberals lost their best opportunity in more than 40 years to create a majority on the high court

Donald Trump’s presidential victory preserves the Supreme Court’s narrow conservative majority by clearing the way for the new president to choose a jurist next year to fill the seat of the … Continue Reading →

Trump Tower is a no-fly zone: Massive security operation springs up around The Donald’s Manhattan home after his election victory

The no-fly zone will be in play until Trump’s inauguration in January The Secret Service will vet those working and living in Trump Towers Police officers have helped to install … Continue Reading →

TRUMP’S JOY IS OBAMA’S PAIN: BARACK FACES DESTRUCTION OF LEGACY BY THE DONALD’S PRESIDENCY Donald’s Trump’s victory will be a stinging blow to Barack Obama’s two terms in government

Donald’s Trump’s victory will be a stinging blow to Barack Obama’s two terms in government Trump has promised to scrap or overhaul many of Obama’s signature initiatives, such as the … Continue Reading →

‘OBAMA BETRAYER & FALSE PROMISER’: SANDERS SLATED IN LATEST #PODESTAEMAILS BATCH 27 Bernie “needs to be ground to a pulp,” Johnson says

  More emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta have been released by WikiLeaks. The emails also show frustration with Benjamin Netanyahu and Bernie Sanders. The latest batch consists … Continue Reading →

BUTTHURT HILLARY SUPPORTERS SPREAD FAKE ‘TRUMP SAID YOU’RE DUMB’ MEME Yet It Was Hillary’s Campaign Who Actually Called Americans ‘F***ing Dumb’

Hillary Clinton supporters and anti-Trump social justice warriors are taking to Twitter en mass to cry to the world about Trump’s victory. Among the hashtags such as #NotMyPresident and #StillWithHer … Continue Reading →


Democrat presidential loser Hillary Clinton concedes defeat to Republican President-elect Donald Trump after refusing to take to the stage Tuesday night.In a speech last night, Trump claimed Clinton called to … Continue Reading →