GOOGLE CANCELS “DIVERSITY MEETING” AFTER EMPLOYEE LEAKS TO “RIGHT-WING” WEBSITES Mr. Damore’s firing “has made it explicitly clear that any view not left (of) center is not welcome.”

IMAGE CREDITS: MJMONTY / FLICKR. Following the debacle of James Damore’s ‘Diversity’ memo and subsequent firing, Google decided a companywide townhall meeting was necessary to address staff concerns with executives planning to field … Continue Reading →

ELON MUSK: REGULATE ARTIFICIAL INTELIGENCE ‘BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE’ AI “a fundamental risk to the existence of civilization,” Musk said

IMAGE CREDITS: DAVID PAUL MORRIS/BLOOMBERG VIA GETTY IMAGES. Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is once again calling for the regulation of artificial intelligence (AI), warning that “by the time we … Continue Reading →

ILLICIT DARK WEB MARKET ‘ALPHABAY’ SHUT DOWN BY LAW ENFORCEMENT Site believed to average between $600K and $800K in sales every day

An online marketplace that sold illegal goods on the Dark Web has been shut down following a multinational law enforcement effort. AlphaBay, a site which facilitated the sale of items … Continue Reading →

NUMBER OF MALWARE ON DECLINE WHILE COMPLEXITY OF ATTACKS INCREASE The AV-Test data counted 127.5 million malware samples in 2016

IMAGE CREDITS: FLICKR, MRCACAHUATE. While reports of new malware attacks happen every day, the number of new malware samples detected in the wild over the course of the last year actually … Continue Reading →