PRINCE WILLIAM WARNS THAT THERE ARE TOO MANY PEOPLE IN THE WORLD The Duke said that as a result, wildlife was being put under “enormous pressure” and called for the issue to be addressed with renewed vigour

IMAGE CREDITS: WIKIMEDIA COMMONS. Rapidly growing human populations risk having a “terrible impact” on the world, the Duke of Cambridge has warned. The Duke said that as a result, wildlife was … Continue Reading →

SUGAR CAN FUEL CANCEROUS CELLS, STUDY SAYS Cancerous cells get energy from fermenting sugar, which causes tumor growth…

IMAGE CREDITS: GUNILLA G/FLICKR. Different types of foods have been linked to cancer, including saturated fats and processed meats. Now scientist say sugar can fuel the disease, too.Researchers from universities in … Continue Reading →

THANKS OBAMACARE! HEALTH INSURANCE PREMIUMS ARE PROJECTED TO SPIKE DRAMATICALLY ONCE AGAIN IN 2018 Since Obamacare was first passed, many Americans have seen their health insurance premiums more than double

Are you ready for your health insurance premiums to go up again?  Ever since Obamacare became law, health insurance premiums have been rising dramatically year after year.  In 2016, one … Continue Reading →

COFFEE SOLD IN CALIFORNIA COULD SOON CARRY CANCER WARNINGS Roasted coffee beans contain low levels of acrylamide

IMAGE CREDITS: JARMOLUK / FLICKR. The long-running dispute that coffee products, ranging from lattes to packaged beans contain the cancer-causing chemical acrylamide, resumed on Monday in a Los Angeles courtroom. According … Continue Reading →