WHY WE’VE GOT TO SHUT DOWN THE FEDERAL RESERVE TO END THE BOOM AND BUST CYCLE The elite still control the economy and will blame Trump when they crash it

Michael Snyder reiterates how important it is to destroy the Federal Reserve in the fight to defeat the Globalist’s cycle of economic slavery. Please follow and like us:

KING OF FAKE NEWS BRIAN WILLIAMS: “OUR JOB IS TO SCARE PEOPLE TO DEATH” Networks argue Trump’s words are more dangerous than North Korean Nukes

IMAGE CREDITS: ALEX WONG/GETTY IMAGES FOR MEET THE PRESS. Brian Williams, the man who was suspended from MSNBC for making up fake news reports, stated on a broadcast last night that … Continue Reading →

THE SAME GLOBALIST INTERESTS ATTACKING TRUMP ARE TARGETING ISRAEL’S NETANYAHU The elite are trying to get rid of independent world leaders

Trump isn’t the only leader under attack. Globalists prove again their undying hatred for anyone that bucks against their system and chooses liberty over tyranny and death. Please follow and … Continue Reading →