WHAT YOU TOUCH DAILY COULD BE KILLING YOU: TOXIC EXPOSURE Everyday chemicals linked to autism, miscarriage and gender confusion

Experts agree that if the United States were to regulate the amount of toxicity allowed in our everyday environments, including our food, it would tremendously cut down on the amount … Continue Reading →

Households face inflation shock next year: BoE forecasts The rise in the cost of living is expected to turn sharply higher in 2017 as the impact of the slump in the pound bites.

  The Bank of England has warned that households face a sharp upturn in inflation over the next few months after tearing up its economic forecasts. The rise in the … Continue Reading →

AFTER SUBSIDIES, MANY YOUNG SINGLES WILL PAY AT LEAST $2,484 A YEAR IN OBAMACARE PREMIUMS Congressman says Obamacare has made health insurance for young people even more expensive

  Young singles in their twenties earning an annual salary of $30,000 or more will pay at least $2,484 a year in Obamacare premiums even after receiving tax credits from … Continue Reading →


  The following excerpt is adapted from Mendenhall’s review of Deirdre McCloskey’s book Bourgeois Equality; the original review, which appeared in the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, is available here.If … Continue Reading →