NBC NEWS HINTS BLAME FOR ‘HATE CRIMES’ ON TRUMP, BANNON NBC News blamed Trump and Bannon for four alleged hate crimes and statistics from the liberal advocacy organization, the Southern Poverty Law Centre

NBC News New York attempted to blame President-Elect Donald Trump and his incoming chief strategist and former Breitbart News CEO, Stephen Bannon, for alleged hate crimes across the country. Titled … Continue Reading →

Liz Truss admits UK prisons have ‘very serious’ violence issues The Justice Secretary insists she is not “out of her depth” ahead of talks with union officials about the prisons “meltdown”.

Justice Secretary Liz Truss has admitted there are “very serious issues” with the level of violence in UK prisons, but insists she is not out of her depth Ahead of … Continue Reading →

British woman arrested in Dubai after reporting rape Her passport was taken away and experts say she could could be deported or even jailed if found guilty.

A British woman who told police in Dubai she had been raped has reportedly been charged with having extra-marital sex. The woman in her 20s was allegedly attacked by two men … Continue Reading →

SINGLE BORDER PATROL SECTOR CATCHING 500 ILLEGALS A DAY: ‘THEY WANT TO GET CAUGHT’ “They come in, you arrest them, you deport them, they come in again, you arrest them, you deport them, and they keep coming back.”

A recent Fox 7 feature is exposing the work life of U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to Texas’ Rio Grande Valley sector, a 1,254 mile stretch where they’re nabbing about 500 illegal … Continue Reading →