“MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES”: MUSLIM WHO RAMMED 18 PEOPLE WITH CAR HAS ‘NO LINK TO TERROR’ The new convenient excuse that allows us all to ignore reality

The Muslim man who rammed a car into 18 people in Melbourne, Australia had “mental health issues,” an explanation that conveniently brushes aside any need to examine whether his belief … Continue Reading →

OVER 90% OF AMERICA’S TOP COLLEGES REGULATE CAMPUS FREE SPEECH One-third employ severely restrictive policies

Over 90 percent of the America’s top colleges maintain policies regulating campus free speech, with one third employing severely restrictive policies, according to a study released Tuesday. The Foundation for … Continue Reading →

THE MYSTERY OF CHRISTMAS AND WHY GOD SEES FAVOR IN TRUMP Parallels between the days of Joseph and current era of Trump revealed

 During Infowars’ Christmas Spectacular Extravaganza, reporter Millie Weaver interviews documentary film maker Trey Smith who successfully predicted Trump’s Presidential victory drawing comparisons with the Bible.This inspiring interview dives into … Continue Reading →

CLINTON RAPE ACCUSER SLAMS MERYL STREEP OVER POLANSKI PRAISE Juanita Broaddrick asks if actress still supports convicted pedophile

IMAGE CREDITS: MANDEL NGAN/AFP/GETTY IMAGES. Juanita Broaddrick, one of ex-President Bill Clinton’s numerous rape accusers, blasted actress Meryl Streep over her tepid response to sexual allegations lodged against Hollywood mega-director Harvey … Continue Reading →

KELLY TELLS BLACK REPUBLICANS HE’S HIRING TALENT FOR WHITE HOUSE He wants to hire qualified people regardless of race or ethnicity.

IMAGE CREDITS: FLICKR, THEJOINTSTAFF. White House chief of staff John Kelly on Monday told a group of black Republicans that he wants to hire “talented young men and women” to work … Continue Reading →

OBAMA MUST RETURN NOBEL PEACE PRIZE IF HEZBOLLAH STORY IS TRUE – ISRAELI EX-FM Bombshell report claims Obama admin protected terrorist group

IMAGE CREDITS: WIKI. Yesh Atid chairman and former Finance Minister Yair Lapid urged former President Barack Obama to return the Nobel Peace Prize he was awarded in 2009, if an investigative … Continue Reading →

LEFT MELTS DOWN AFTER DISNEY UNVEILS TRUMP FIGURE AT HALL OF PRESIDENTS RIDE Audio-animatronic Trump figure talks about American pride in revamped show

Walt Disney World debuted its President Donald Trump animatronic figure for the Hall of Presidents ride, and the left couldn’t be more triggered over it. Oh hi, Mark.@SimPurist That Trump … Continue Reading →