DEFENSE DEPARTMENT: THE WAR ON TERROR HAS COST $250 MILLION A DAY FOR 16 YEARS The report’s costs include only direct war-related expenses

IMAGE CREDITS: AIRMAN MAGAZINE / FLICKR. American taxpayers have spent $1.46 trillion on wars abroad since September 11, 2001. The Department of Defense periodically releases a “cost of war” report. The … Continue Reading →

CNN’S DON LEMON: “IT’S A LEGITIMATE QUESTION” TO ASK WHITE HOUSE IF THEY SUPPORT SLAVERY This is who CNN presents as an “anti-racist” and “moderate” voice

Asking the White House and President Donald Trump whether they believe “slavery was wrong” is a “legitimate question,” according to CNN’s Don Lemon. White House reporter April Ryan of American … Continue Reading →

MANHATTAN TRUCK ATTACKER SHOULD GET DEATH PENALTY – TRUMP The terrorism charges brought against Saipov could indeed result in him being sentenced to death under American law

US President Donald Trump has tweeted that the suspect in the New York truck attack that killed eight people should get the death penalty. Referring to the suspect’s nonchalant behavior … Continue Reading →

FAKE NEWS CNN: NYC ATTACKER YELLED ‘GOD IS GREAT’ The graphic along the bottom of the screen reported the suspected Islamic terrorist yelled “God is Great,” not “Allahu Akbar”

CNN spread fake news on Tuesday afternoon by reporting the attacker in lower Manhattan yelled “God is Great.” During Wolf Blitzer’s show, the graphic along the bottom of the screen … Continue Reading →

REPORT: NYC FOREIGN TERROR SUSPECT ENTERED U.S. WITH ‘DIVERSITY VISA’ TRUMP WANTS TO END Trump and pro-American immigration reformers have demanded an end to the program

IMAGE CREDITS: GETTY. The suspected foreign national terrorist behind the New York City attack that has left at least eight individuals dead came to the United States years ago through the Diversity Visa Lottery, … Continue Reading →