CHINA MUST BE PUBLICLY SHAMED FOR HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES, SAY ACTIVISTS “We cannot, and will not forget those in China bravely seeking liberty and justice…”

Amidst reports of the Chinese regime’s continuing persecution of its political dissidents and rights advocates, witnesses before the Congressional-Executive Commission on China (CECC) slammed the communist regime’s human rights abuses … Continue Reading →

CONSERVATIVE LEADERS DEMAND FULL REPEAL OF OBAMACARE “The Affordable Care Act is unsustainable,” said Senator DeMint

During a conference call on Friday, conservative leaders from organizations including the Tea Party Patriots, Club for Growth, and ForAmerica, as well as former U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), demanded … Continue Reading →

MOSCOW WARNS WASHINGTON AGAINST ‘INCENDIARY, PROVOCATIVE ACTION’ IN SYRIA Russia’s direct response to Nikki Haley, who was warmongering on Twitter

IMAGE CREDITS: DMITRY TEREKHOV / FLICKR. Moscow has warned the US against taking unilateral action in Syria, as there is no threat from the Syrian military, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said. The … Continue Reading →

TRUMP: ‘ERA OF STRATEGIC PATIENCE’ WITH NORTH KOREA IS OVER President urges regional allies to confront Pyongyang

IMAGE CREDITS: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/GETTY IMAGES. President Donald Trump stated outside the White House Friday that “the era of strategic patience” with North Korea is over. Speaking from the Rose Garden alongside … Continue Reading →

CANADA’S TOP COURT RULES GOOGLE MUST BLOCK SOME RESULTS WORLDWIDE Supreme Court rejected Google’s argument that right to freedom of expression should have prevented order from being issued

IMAGE CREDITS: MJMONTY / FLICKR. Canadian courts can force internet search leader Google to remove results worldwide, the country’s top court ruled on Wednesday, drawing criticism from civil liberties groups arguing … Continue Reading →

REX TILLERSON / STATE DEPARTMENT SECRETLY LIFTED BAN ON MUSLIM REFUGEES IN WAR ON CHRISTIANITY Elite’s war on Western civilization puts Christians in the cross fire

Mike Cernovich joins Alex Jones to discuss the war on Christianity taking place across the globe, fueled by the endless funneling of Muslim populations into Western countries. The Tipping Point: … Continue Reading →


IMAGE CREDITS: PUBLIC DOMAIN. A Democratic congressman has proposed convening a special committee of psychiatrists and other doctors whose job would be to determine if President Donald Trump is fit to serve in … Continue Reading →