FIVE FOOT SPIKES TOPPED WITH PIG PARTS LEFT AT PROPOSED MOSQUE SITE A pig’s head, feet, and innards were left on five-foot tall spikes at the site of a proposed mosque in the German city of Erfurt

A pig’s head, feet, and innards were left on five-foot tall spikes at the site of a proposed mosque in the German city of Erfurt. Police are investigating the incident … Continue Reading →

DUTERTE OFFERS TO HIRE MUSLIM SEPARATISTS, MAOISTS AS ‘SOLDIERS’ TO FIGHT ISIS-LINKED MILITANTS Duterte promised to treat them as soldiers and offered them the ‘same privileges’

IMAGE CREDITS: JES AZNAR/GETTY IMAGES. Philippines leader Rodrigo Duterte has offered Muslim separatists and Maoists to join the fight against Islamic State-linked militants attempting to gain a foothold in the … Continue Reading →


IMAGE CREDITS: SLGCKGC / FLICKR. The Australian government wants to cancel the passports of convicted pedophiles to prevent them traveling abroad where they are out of reach of the country’s … Continue Reading →

POPE SAYS COPTS WERE KILLED AFTER REFUSING TO RENOUNCE THEIR CHRISTIAN FAITH The number of dead, who included children, makes it one of the deadliest single attacks against members of Egypt’s beleaguered Coptic minority in decades

IMAGE CREDITS: TWITTER, CATHOLICNEWSSVC. By Patrick Goodenough | Copts, adherents of an Orthodox denomination dating back to the early Christian church, account for about 10 percent of the population of … Continue Reading →

TRUMP: MANY LEAKS ARE ‘FABRICATED LIES’ MADE UP BY ‘FAKE NEWS’ MEDIA ‘It is very possible that those sources don’t exist but are made up by fake news writers’

© Getty Images President Trump on Sunday said he believes many of the recent leaks coming out of his White House are made up by the “fake news” media. In … Continue Reading →

‘WHITE SUPREMACIST’ PORTLAND STABBER WAS A BERNIE SUPPORTER, THREATENED TO KILL TRUMP SUPPORTERS This case furthered the media’s fake narrative evil white people are constantly killing minorities everywhere for kicks

The “white supremacist” who stabbed three people in Portland is actually a Bernie Sanders supporter who hated Donald Trump and threatened to murder his supporters. While the top result for … Continue Reading →

DHS HEAD: CHANNELS OF COMMUNICATION WITH RUSSIA IS A ‘GOOD THING’ “It’s not a bad thing to have multiple communications lines to any government”

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said Sunday, “It’s both normal in my opinion and acceptable. And the way that you can communicate with people in particular organizations that are maybe not … Continue Reading →